About us

DB Handel is your right hand when it comes to Amazon, we offer expertise combined with creativity to increase your turnover. We have gained a lot of experience in selling our own brands on Amazon since 2018 and now we want to share these successful experiences with other brands as well.

Whether your brand is well-known or small-scale, we are always looking for new great collaborations regardless of the type of product or industry. For us, the challenge and potential of the brand is most important and that is why we only work with brands that we believe in and where we know that our expertise will actually be useful to increase your sales on Amazon.

Amazon is much more than simply putting a product online and waiting for sales, this is what we found out – through Trial and Error – so that we now know exactly what to do to make your brand succeed on Amazon. We ensure that your products are always easy to find and are displayed perfectly in order to reach every potential customer.

DB Handel’s goal is not only to offer a service, we also do Direct Retail, which means that we buy the products directly from a brand or manufacturer. We offer a service and a direct distribution through Amazon.

In short, we have the same goal as you: to give your brand wings on Amazon to make sales fly.


Do you want to know if your brand is suitable for a collaboration? Please contact us via this form , of course without obligation.