Our services

We want to be known for our flexible style of collaboration, your problem is our challenge and nothing is too difficult for us.
What distinguishes us from the “standard retailer” is that we are actually committed to the brand we work with, we not only want to sell your products but also – through our knowledge – grow your brand on Amazon so that we can increase the turnover together. We do this through our ,, All in One Service ”.

When working with us, there are basically two choices: Retail Partner or Account Management .

Retail partner
We purchase the products directly from you, arrange all logistics and pay for the Amazon services. In addition to optimizing the existing Amazon Listings, we also ensure that all technical matters on Amazon are in order to make sales fly, this is our “All in one Service” – see below for further explanation.

Account management
We manage your Amazon Account and take care of everything so that you can fully focus on your brand. The products remain in your possession and are sent via FBA, we arrange everything behind the scenes to maximize your turnover, we do this through our “All in one Service”.

We work on a commission basis, so you only pay when we have realized turnover!

All in One Service

Catalog management
We create and manage the Amazon Listings for your products and send a monthly overview with the units sold and statistics.

Sales and reach
By means of “Listing Optimization” and advertisements, we ensure that your products are always easy to find for potential customers.

Brand protection
In the case of Copy Cats and/or Recommended Price Violators, we will notify you and request Amazon to remove or change the listing.

Brand presentation
We want to perfectly convey the story of your brand to the customer, which is why we make an “Amazon Storefront” in combination with “A+ Content”; think of this as your business card on Amazon.

Customer experience
The customer is king. We understand this all too well and will do everything we can to receive good reviews, we have different techniques for this – but top customer service and quality is the basis.